You Jump, I Jump! (A Story of Ujung Kulon Trip)

This is a re-post about KBR’s IMPACT Team Building 2008, which I have written in My late Multiply.

This trip would be a bit special because for the first time, we would try a new area. In the previous ones, we usually did it in a jungle and river. It was all just about rafting and paint ball (I think it’s supposed to be ‘pain’ ball, it’s hurting!), and the utility facility was very good. But for this Ujung Kulon trip, we planned to have an uncomfortable life with uncomfortable facility. That’s why I didn’t want to miss this team building. When will I have the opportunity to try this kind of life?

There were 40 people in this trip. Not all of them were IMPACT members. Some other senior employees were also invited to fill empty seat left by our IMPACT fellows. To make our trip safer and more ‘secure’, we also invited our Engineering Manager, Pak Francis to come with us 🙂
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