On Travels: Being a Tourist Every Day?


Interior Istana Baso Pagarruyung, West Sumatera, Indonesia

Everyone seems to agree that traveling is great, feeling good, discovering new things. I actually think a trip itself is nothing but us being elsewhere, hence a bit more motivated, aware and open-minded than usual. On a travel, we see more because we look more. We do more because we try more.

 I believe we realize that traveling is so great because we know they will end soon and it encourages us to try the most of it: doing that hike and seeing these places, taking good rest, sitting at a café and taking pictures of people on the street.

 My point is: if you think about it, life is also not infinite. So why not be a tourist every day, since it is more about attitude? Watch your own town with different eyes and perspective, see the beauty of small things, be open-minded and enjoy everything that is close to nice!

Disclaimer: I do not write it, my former colleague Alyssia Jz did. She posted this on Facebook a couple of months ago. I find it inspiring, hence I post it here.