IMG_1150My name is Santi and I am an Indonesian. I have lived in Indonesia, USA and The Netherlands, alhamdulillah.

I have a profound love for traveling because it gives me an opportunity to discover new insights about other people, languages, culinary, cultures and life wisdom. To me, traveling is simply being away from home and out of my daily routine. It may be a grand trip to other continents or a humble outing to a nearby beach.

Traveling is energizing!

I intend to share all my traveling experience in this blog, in English and Bahasa Indonesia. I will also re-write some memorable long-time-ago travel stories which are too precious not to be documented.

Other blog I maintain:

Blognote Santi 


Everyday, I spend some time to dream. And I believe, one day, those dreams will come true….


I provide services for proofreading, editing and customized writing for various topics, especially traveling and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related themes. Please reach me via the ‘Contact’ form here



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Wah, masih muda sudah wara Wiri keliling dunia ya. Aku baru mau akan insha Alloh tahun depan starting yang deket2 aja, tetangga serumpun. Yang sudah lama manggil2 tapi masih kucuekin #isisis,soknya.. Salam kenal ya Santi . blognya bagus, naksir sama ceritanya.. Btw, gimana cara ngeadd di blogroll sih? Aku pake blogspot,sekarang udah model baru,asli bingung makenya 😦 terus mau following, mana ya tombolnya?#confuse


    • Salam kenal, Sarah. Makasih banget udah berkunjung ke sini. Aku barusan ke blog kamu. Seger tampilannya:). Aku gak ngerti atur-atur settingan blog, kayaknya kamu lebih paham kode-kodenya deh (dibaca dari postingan blog-nya)

      Tentang jalan-jalan. Alhamdulillah dikasih kesempatan. Judul blog-nya juga lebih berupa doa, hehe. Sukses juga ya jalan-jalannya dan di-share ya ceritanya 🙂


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