You Jump, I Jump! (A Story of Ujung Kulon Trip)

This is a re-post about KBR’s IMPACT Team Building 2008, which I have written in My late Multiply.

This trip would be a bit special because for the first time, we would try a new area. In the previous ones, we usually did it in a jungle and river. It was all just about rafting and paint ball (I think it’s supposed to be ‘pain’ ball, it’s hurting!), and the utility facility was very good. But for this Ujung Kulon trip, we planned to have an uncomfortable life with uncomfortable facility. That’s why I didn’t want to miss this team building. When will I have the opportunity to try this kind of life?

There were 40 people in this trip. Not all of them were IMPACT members. Some other senior employees were also invited to fill empty seat left by our IMPACT fellows. To make our trip safer and more ‘secure’, we also invited our Engineering Manager, Pak Francis to come with us 🙂

Day 1, July 18, 2008
We left Jakarta by bus at 11 pm. The first shock therapy came out. The bus couldn’t operate properly. Just 200 meter from our office, it stuck on the way. I could see that everybody got upset with this, but we just tried to calm down by having some “haha..hihi” chit-chat.

After doing some calling with the bus vendor, the bus could be fixed. It was actually not a big problem; the driver just didn’t know how to operate the bus because he was not used to drive the bus. After the driver was changed, we continued our journey to Sumur, an area in Banten. I didn’t know what happened next because I fell asleep and enjoyed my dream.

Day 2, July 19, 2008
Saturday morning, we arrived at Sumur, somewhere at the west part of Java Island. After doing Shubuh prayer, some morning rituals and breakfast, we got on a boat heading Peucang Island. There were 40 persons in our squad, and we were divided into two boats. From Sumur, we sailed the sea for about 3 hours. What an exhausting journey, but we had funs…

Finally, we arrived at Peucang Island. But we would build our tents in mainland Java across to Peucang Island. We would use Peucang just for having meals, taking a bath, and other activites except for camping. No camping is allowed in Peucang.

Shortly, after having lunch at Peucang, we went back to mainland Java for jungle tracking. Our destination was light house (mercusuar). We tracked the jungle, then rocky beach, then jungle again, then climbed the steep hill, and finally arrived at the light house. It was not smooth, we almost fell down, got scratched by the wood, felt like in “Cast Away”, and so on so forth. Again, it was exhausting, but I was so happy.

After arriving at the light house, we went back to Peucang for having dinner. Gosh, it was very cold at that time. The sea level became higher due to full moon effect (what’s ‘pasang naik’ in English?). But still, we had photo sessions during that time. Everybody was getting narcissus…

Then, we went back to mainland Java for taking night rest. We slept in tents. Before getting into my sleeping bag, there was something bothering my mind: I needed to go to the bathroom. And there was no ‘real’ bathroom or toilet there. So, we just went to special ‘area’ provided there and made our ‘spot’s there. What a ‘nice’ life, ^_^

However, I slept very well. No matter with the tent, cold temperature, and uncomfortable things.

Day 3, July 20, 2008
The day was for relaxing! No jungle trekking this time. After having breakfast, everybody could do anything they wanted, such as swimming, snorkeling, photo hunting, etc.

But there were some ‘chaos’ there. Some of my friends who had jumped into the beach first would pull down anyone who came by the beach after them. Nobody was safe. I was lucky because they understood why I didn’t jump into the beach also.

After all these things, we left Peucang Island to go back to Sumur, and continue our journey back to Jakarta. Everybody looked so tired, but they had a very big smile and unforgettable memories.

One thing I learned, Indonesia is really beautiful if we explore it…

By the way, the event was also a farewell party for Diki aka Ocang, the team building boss himself, who is gonna leave KBR for pursuing a better future in another company. Wish you all the best and thanks for being a nice friend, dude…

So, what’s the connection between the title and the article?

Nothing, haha…If I see ship or boat, I just remember Titanic. And that was my favorite quote from the film. You jump, I jump, Jack!


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