Exploring Takabonerate, a Hidden Gem in Eastern Indonesia


Growth is the only sign of life (Tanri Abeng, from Selayar Islands)

One morning when I was busy digesting the content of my business email inbox, a notification from a colleague popped up on my desktop screen. It was an offer to join a trip to National Park Takabonerate in South Sulawesi.

I had no clue about Takabonerate. As a matter of fact, it was the very first time I heard the word ‘Takabonerate’. I googled it to demystify what it was about and was subsequently in an awe-moment to see what I had discovered.

Takabonerate was indeed such a beauty. It looked like Bora-bora in Maldives, with crystal clear blue sea, stunning underwater scenery, fascinating corals, distinctive marine ecosystem, pristine beach and so forth. It was a gem! I might not know the islands before but I knew that it was indeed worth to visit. It did not take so long for me to decide it: I would go and was so excited to join the trip. To add the excitement, it was my first trip to eastern Indonesia!

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