Out and About in Bandung, feat. Maribaya

Pasundan soil was created when The God was smiling (M.A.W. Brouwer, a Delftse psychologist, an Indonesia-enthusiast Dutch)

Maribaya (1)

Maribaya (2)

Bandung never ceases to impress me. Despite of the excessive and terrible traffic jam during weekends, I always wanna go there. Maybe for sightseeing, reminiscing the old times, or just killing the time.

To me, Bandung is very nostalgic. I spent 4 golden years there. I grew up there.

ITB Campus, Simpang Dago, Cisitu and Djuanda Street are some of the nostalgic spots. Whenever I visit Bandung, I would take a chance to visit them, or at least lay my eyes on them. Yeah, sometimes (well, most of the time), I can be melancholy 😊 So to speak…

The main destination for this trip was Maribaya, The Lodge Maribaya to be precise. The lodge is located in Lembang, West Bandung Regency. It is quite popular in social media due to its Instagram-ability. My colleagues and I got intrigued and decided to go there.

We arrived at Bandung at 8 am, and had breakfast at The Kiosk at Setiabudhi Street. The Kiosk serves Sundanese traditional food and snack (with affordable price), such as Bubur Ayam, Kupat Tahu, and some other food.

Having done with the breakfast, we continued our journey to The Lodge Maribaya. It took approximately 1 hour to go there from The Kiosk.

Then, we finally arrived at The Lodge Maribaya. For those who use their own car, the parking lot is provided, but sometimes it can be full. We were lucky since we got out parking spot quite easily.

Each of us was charged entrance fee IDR 25K, including a glass of hot milo at the end of the trip. With the ticket, visitors are entitled to have sightseeing and take photos as much as they want inside the lodge area.

Maribaya (4)

There were additional charges for specific spot, such as zip bike, sky tree, sky wing, etc.

Unlike the jaw-dropping pictures that I saw in social media, it turned out that the spots were merely photo booths, in my opinion.

For example, sky wing. You can sit comfortably on the swing seat, equipped with a safety harness and the appointed photographer could take the ‘official’ photo, on which you are pictured as if you did swing up above the ground. So, it was not a real swing which could pump adrenaline.  However, for those who love instagramable photos and show them off, the lodge is worth it.

I myself took Zip-Bike, with two other friends. We were having fun up there. It was quite challenging, I would say, given the significant height between the bike track and the ground. I have to admit that I was a bit scared, especially when my bike was stuck before reaching the end of the track. I was also scared that I could not keep a good balance then I did not want to free my hand from the handlebar for a long period. The photographer took our pictures, which could be retrieved at the exit gate.


Zip Bike

Other than the photo booth, there was also a glamping (glamorous camping) site, but I prefer the glamping site in Ciwidey tho  :D. It was more glamorous, for real 🙂

Maribaya (6)

Glamping Site

Public Facility:

  • Toilet is provided here and there.
  • Prayer room is also available.
  • There was one canteen and one Sundanese restaurant, at least.


  • Entrance: IDR 25K
  • Spot: IDR 20K (less or more)
  • Photo: IDR 10K/ each


Maribaya (7)

Full team at The Stone Cafe, Dago

OK, that’s all I can write. Enjoy the ride!


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