Al Hambra, a Childhood Dream Came True


Al Hambra: Generalife, Palacio Nazaries, Palace of Charles V, Alcazaba


Palacio Nazaries

This panoramic view was taken from Mirador San Nicola, Al Bayzin, Granada, Spain. A distinctive palace and fortress with Sierra Nevada mountains in the background.

Granada was reconquered in 1492 by Queen Isabella I de Castille and King Fernando II de Aragon, completing the Spanish Reconquista, and marking the end of the Islamic rule in Europe.

Muhammad XII, also known as Boabdil, the last emir of Granada was forced to leave the land, where he was born and breed. He was brokenhearted and fell into pieces. According to the legend, when he reached the rocky prominent which gave the last view of the city, he stopped and surveyed the fascinating red palace and its surrounding for the last time, in his life.

He broke into tears. Aisha al Horra, his mother rebuked her son by saying, “Weep like a woman for what you could not defend like a man!”

Seeing the red palace myself, it is not difficult to empathize King Boabdil. It was still beautiful after centuries. After witnessing many pairs of love and hate, happy and sad, friends and foes, war and peace as well as defeat and triumph…

Masya Allah!

Visiting Al Hambra was my childhood dream, and I had a strong affinity for it. For years, I just saw it from the books and internet. On that day, finally I stood there, admired the Hispano-Moorish architecture with my own eyes, and touched the breathtaking arabesque details with my own fingers.

Accidentally being a solo traveler, I just went by myself to Andalusia. And it was worth it!

Dream is more than a beautiful picture. It’s driving force, it’s something to conquer, and of course one reason to wake up tomorrow morning. Conquering childhood dream is really special because you set it before knowing the world is not this complicated, but still, you finally made it come true.

So, what’s your childhood dream? Are you still working for it?


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