Review – THE 101 Dago Hotel, Bandung (2-Night Stay), Deluxe Smart

Once upon a time, some colleagues invited me to join them for a guest lecture at ITB Campus in Ganesha, Bandung. I liked the idea and accepted it right away. That was a good moment to get to know them better.  Besides I would also use that opportunity to meet some old friends who still lived in Bandung, for the good old days , as we go back a long way 🙂

In ITB, we delivered a guest lecture about subsea engineering to the Engineering Physics undergraduate students, to point the way about introduction to subsea engineering and how the career in the area might look like. Well, the other colleagues did all the talking, not me :P.  I just sat as quiet as a mouse in the class with the other students and observed them during the lecture.  Some paid attention to the lecture, some were sleeping, some were having chit-chat with others, and some were busy with their gadgets. Just like us in the past. Students will be students 😀

I was quite content with this small trip. With the colleagues, we spent some time to explore the campus, bought some souvenirs, had delicious Sundanese lunch at Rumah Makan Ampera and enjoy spa at Zen Setiabudhi. Whilst with my friends on the next day, we drove around Bandung. The rain poured down heavily so that we decided to chill-out in a café, during which we recalled some memories about our university years.

Normally we did not hang out in a café, only in Padang restaurants or Sate Padang Dipati Ukur, for the sake of rupiahs. However, we gave it a try at that time. The coffee’s price was okay. We were quite shocked by the price of ‘pisang goreng’, which was IDR 24K for only 5 pieces. We eventually chose Spanish ‘churros’ for the same price, provided the foreign taste we could enjoy :P. We discussed this a bit and came to conclusion that the ‘cheaping-out mentality’ of Padang people (just like us!) was the main reason why there were not so many cool (read: premium-price) places in Padang, haha. After all, it is not the fanciness of a hang-out venue that makes somebody a true friend 🙂

Once the rain stopped, we went to ITB campus to pray at Masjid Salman. And given the nice weather, I took the chance to get some pictures of my former campus. The small, yet awesome reunion was finalized with a dinner at Pondok Kapau.

OK, too much on the preamble, let’s go straight to the review!

I did not stay with my friends. I have booked THE 101 Dago Hotel in the legendary Jalan Dago (Juanda), recommended by another friend. Its location is where Planet Dago used to stand, which also means the location is excellent. Various hang-out places, BIP, Soes Merdeka, factory outlets were only steps away.

Welcome Gesture

My first impression of the 4-star hotel was good. The lobby was designed with a modern style and gave urban ambience.

I came to the receptionist and showed them my booking number. They asked my ID Card and credit card since I have stated that I would paid by credit card. I got the key card and headed to my designated room, a Deluxe Smart type. I was charged around IDR 700K for two nights.



The room was not that spacious, but it was comfortable. A queen-size bed covered by a white bed sheet plus bed cover, was positioned in the middle of the room. An LCD TV was hung on the wall, facing the bed.

The room was decorated with simple, yet elegant mural. It was cool, chic and very suitable for modern-soul.

Room facilities include a minibar, a chair and desk, a safe deposit box, a large mirror and a corner to arrange clothes. Good quality wifi was available 24/7.

My room was overlooking to another room, perhaps due to the promo-price. But that was fine. I spent more time outside the hotel tho 🙂


The bathroom was featuring shower. Toiletries, such as tooth brush, tooth paste, wash-gel and a Pantene shampoo were provided.

Water ran very well, at shower, toilet and sink. Hot and cold water at the shower could be flowed interchangeably. I enjoyed showering there and liked how the water sprayed on the top of my head.


I booked a non-breakfast room and did not have any other meal at the hotel. I heard the hotel’s restaurant serves good quality food, especially the traditional ones.


The service boy who made up my room was nice and responsive. He worked quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, he found out that I left a 5-cm diameter red stain on the bed sheet and put additional charge of IDR 20K on my bill for that 😦

My weekend was superb, I would say. It was nice, fresh and burnout-free. It was definitely a mood booster before going back to hustle bustle Jakarta. I would come back to Bandung again. Given the good experience in THE 101 Dago Hotel, I would love to stay again in this hotel.

PS. This post is lack of photos since I had no plan to write a review J. Photos on internet are quite representative.


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