Why do I Love Airports?


AMS, Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands

I have a profound love for airports. Even I do not have any flights to catch, I love to visit it, just to find a place to sit down and observe people. I love seeing people rushing with their suitcases and a ticket in hand. They have something to achieve, a driving force to move on. Their excitement mysteriously infects me.

And I love it more when I travel myself.

Because a journey is about to begin, to something new, to somewhere new, which brings out a better version of me.

Because it means I come back as a winner. And I want to inspire people back home.

Because it means I come back as a loser. And home will provide a refuge shelter, as usual. Nobody will judge me. Nobody will tease me. Nobody will taunt me. Nobody will inquire about this and that. I can’t wait to be home. Home is always a safe haven. Home is where the heart is, I believe so.

Because it means that I am moving to a new place, leaving everything behind and take a fresh start. What happened in Vegas stay in Vegas 🙂

Because it means I come back from a trip which has fulfilled my inquisitiveness. I have lots of stories to tell and pictures to show. I can’t wait to share it all!

Because it means that I take on a new challenge. I am full of adrenaline, yet being intrigued to uncertainties. I am excited by what lies ahead. However, there is also a slice of fear dispersing in my brain, wondering what I should do if it does not work out. Yet I feel energized.

What does airport mean to you?


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