Review – Padma Hotel Bandung (1-Night Stay), Deluxe Room


Deluxe Room, Padma Hotel Bandung

Once a residence of Parijs van Java, I keep lingering with Bandung. I consider it my second home, where my heart belongs, now and will still be. Even after I moved to Jakarta for making a living, I still visited the capital city of West Java, every now and then.

When some of my classmates still lived in the city – either for studying or working, I always stayed at their place, because I wanted their company. It was nice to stayed awake all night, talked till drop, and discussed every single matter in our life. But still, we always missed our fruitful years in university.

As time goes by, Bandung was a bit out of sight, fortunately not out of my mind. When I moved to the Netherlands, I have never had any chance to visit Bandung although I went to Indonesia once a year.

Now, several years into my after-graduation life, I went back to Bandung, not for hanging out with my classmates, but for a team building from my workplace. People in the office were looking forward to it. Team building was like being paid for having fun, so to speak. Several stuffs were arranged for us, including one-night stay at Padma Hotel, one of the five-star hotels in Bandung. One room for one person.

The team building squad went to Bandung by bus. After having some games at Kampung Daun and Lembang Floating Market, we headed up to Padma Hotel in Ciumbeluit, our accommodation. That was my first time to stay here. I have stayed at several hotels in Bandung before, but this one was special because the hotel is situated by a valley – away from city centre, so I felt closer to nature 🙂

Now, let’s check it out!

Welcome Gesture

The receptionists were nice and full of smiles. We were served welcoming drinks while completing the paperwork administration.

Alles klaar, I proceeded to go to my room take a rest. I only had one backpack. I took it with me although the bell boy insisted to do it for me.

The floor numbering method used by the hotel was interesting. The bigger floor number was located on the lower level. So, 7th floor was at the lower level than the 6th floor.


My key card was working well without any problems. This is a relief since I have several bad experiences with hotel key cards 😛

I got a deluxe room, which was spacious. There was a minibar, drinking water, and two ‘salak’s as the welcoming refreshment. The 200 cm x 200 cm mattress was soft, comfy and covered neatly with a white bed sheet and a bed cover.

White bed sheet is normally not my favorite because if it was usually not washed properly, stains from previous users are often visible here and there. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t even use white bed sheet at home. That time, it was perfect. After conducting the stain inspection, I jumped on my bed right away. My room was at excellent location, with a view of swimming pool!

Several electronic devices were provided in the room, such as LCD TV, DVD player, and an insect repellent lamp. And of course, unlimited wifi was provided.



The bathroom was featuring shower. It was perfect. toiletries were complete. I could not find any ugly stain anywhere. Everything looked hygiene, including towel. Usually I do not use towels from hotel.

Public Facilities

The most obvious facilities were the two swimming pools. One for adults and one for children. There was a small jacuzzi, into which 4-5 person could be squeezed. Unfortunately, I did not bring my swimming suit so I could just envy my colleagues who swam happily in the pool 😉



We had dinner at the hall simultaneously with another game, as part of the team building agenda. The meal was tasty. It was a European kitchen, including Stamppot, Dutch mashed-potato :P. Various types of desserts and fruits were served to complete the satisfaction.  I couldn’t ask for more.

Next morning, before another game at the outbound area, we had breakfast to fuel the day. The menu was quite diverse, from western to Indonesian. Traditional menu like bubur ayam, es dawet and siomay were supplied endlessly. The balcon with a pool view, where we enjoyed our meal was filled with Sundanese ambience.

After the last session of team building, we re-packed our stuff and be ready for lunch. Like breakfast, a variety of dish were served at the restaurant. Nasi goreng, nasi timbel, teriyaki, several western meal and so forth. I really wanted to taste them all. Everything looked tasty. I wish my stomach had been bigger 🙂

I did not bring my camera so I do not have any documentation about the food.

Having my lunch finished, I checked-out and joined some colleagues with whom I would explore Bandung a bit longer.

Padma Hotel was excellent. Five-star hotel with a five-star service. No wonder, some of colleagues took their family or friends along with them to enjoy the service from the hotel. If I have another chance, I will stay in Padma Hotel again.


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